18 Knit Towel Pattern Ideas

18 Knit Towel Pattern Ideas

Knit Your Own January White Sale Towels

Some might think I’m a bit strange, but I would rather shop for new towels than new clothes.  Growing up, I really enjoyed shopping with my mom at the big January White Sales.  White sales come about in the late 1800’s when department stores would sell bed linens, which were only available in white at that time, at a discount.  Today, white sales revolve around many household items, and we know that we see all colors and not just white anymore.

I have found some really fun knitted towels for you to try.  A lot of these are one ball projects, so will knit up quickly and several are going to be good for beginners like me.  These are not the kind where you cut a terry cloth towel in half and just a topper.  These patterns are for full towels.  Pretty cool, huh?

So create your own white sale and fill you kitchen with color!

  1. Terra Tea Towel – a beautiful textured hanging towel.
  2. Triangles Hand Towel – a one ball project that is a visually interesting design.
  3. Little Chevrons Towel – I can never resist a chevron pattern.
  4. Classic Striped Dish Towel – the perfect towel, simple and classic.
  5. Hanging Kitchen Towel – another chevron design but with the hanger built in.
  6. Foxy Tea Towel – fun graph to brighten up your kitchen.
  7. Fall Kitchen Towel – a soft wave and a great way to use up smaller balls of yarn.
  8. Nine Hearts Hanging Dishtowel – a lovely design featuring a heart texture.
  9. Lace Edged Hand Towel – stunning design, a real beauty!
  10. Ree’s Kitchen Towel – made with happy colors, you will knit this one up in a flash.
  11. Simple Hanging Towel – features a buttonhole style hanger to slip over a knob.
  12. Chinese Waves Button Top Hand Towel – interesting texture with an endless options of colors.
  13. Knit Anti Cat Towel – super nice basket weave texture to quick project.
  14. Bridges Kitchen Towel – a lovely combination of stockinette and ribbing.
  15. Leftover Towel – knit together all your leftover bits and pieces into this fun project.
  16. Per Contra Hand Towel – cabling on this one gives it “pockets” for a sponge-like effect.
  17. Puffy Basketweave Kitchen Hanging Hand Towel – only 4oz of cotton needed for this pretty design.
  18. Towel Toppers Set – easy and practical project.

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