Mikey - Michael Sellick
Mikey – Michael Sellick

Created by Michael Sellick, known as Mikey of The Crochet Crowd. With ambition to learn how to knit, Mikey has teamed up with industry experts and regular everyday knitters to learn the art of knitting.

Mikey is learning in real-time on the art of knitting. He is asking questions and not taking for granted the steps that easily get overlooked from people, like him, who can crochet with his eye shut and do procedures without thinking twice.

The Knit Crowd is the journey of learning to knit and going beyond. As Mikey learns concepts, so can you.

How this Website Works

Conceptual Stitches as Mikey learns will be available through our dedicated YouTube Channel. Patterns used as a reference will have a supportive blog detailing more about it and an opportunity to get/print the pattern.