Let’s Knit: Knit Through Back Loop – K TBL + Tutorial

Let's Knit: Knit Through Back Loop - K TBL

Knit Through Back Loop – K TBL The act of knitting through the back loop is pretty simple. This is known in abbreviations as K TBL. Short form of Knit Through Back Loop. Instead of insert the needle from the underside of the look like the regular knit stitch. You have to insert the needle head on into the stitch and keep the needle on the back side. Follow through like regular knitting from that point. Follow the demonstration below for more helpful tips. Tutorial

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Let’s Knit: Purl Through Back Loop – P1 TBL + Tutorial

Purl Together in the Back Loop - P TBL

Purl Through¬†Back Loop – P TBL Purling through the back look sounds more complicated than it is. This motion causes the stitch to turn around. Instead of diving straight in to purl, you have to move the needle to around the back and come at the loop from the opposite direction. This method takes a bit of practice but isn’t hard to do. In patterns this is P TBL. TBL is short form for Through Back Loop. Follow the tutorial below. Tutorial

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Let’s Knit: Seed Stitch + Tutorial

Let's Knit: Seed Stitch

Seed Stitch The seed stitch is like the garter or stockinette stitch. It’s a technical term and not a fancy stitch in knitting. It’s the act of knitting what appears to be the opposite of the row below. To keep this stitch simple, you should do an odd number in your cast on. This way, you can start every row the same way. You will start as follows: Knit 1, Purl 1…. Keep repeating to the end. Start the new row the exact same way. It’s an easy technique and…

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Let’s Knit: Slip Slip Purl – SSP + Tutorial

Slip Slip Purl - SSP

Slip Slip Purl – SSP The act of Slip Slip Purl, known in abbreviations as SSP is about making two stitches into one. But it’s not about purling 2 together… well not exactly. The first two stitches are slip stitched knitwise individually onto the other needle. Then, brought back to the original needle. Notice in the tutorial on how it is done. Then, you purl the two stitches together. The act of doing the slip stitching allows you to turn the loops giving a more desirable look. Follow the tutorial…

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Knit Sassy Lace Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Sassy Lace Scarf

Knit Sassy Lace Scarf Knit with Sassy Lace by Red Heart. This is a lace flat material similar to fabric. It truly looks like lace where you use the established holes to use to knit with this yarn. It’s easy to use this yarn and it looks fabulous. It’s light and airy and really has a fine finished look when complete. Tutorial

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Let’s Knit: Slip, Slip, Knit – SSK + Tutorial

Slip, Slip, Knit - SSK

Slip, Slip, Knit – SSK The act of Slip Stitching in Knitwise is more than just moving the loops from one needle to another. You have to pretend you are going to knit but don’t actually do it. The first two slip stiches are done as Slip Knitwise. So you insert your needles in as if you were going to knit but don’t wrap the needle, just transfer one at a time to the other needle. This is helping to turn the stitch look around for the best look possible….

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Let’s Knit: Purl 4 Together – P4 Tog + Tutorial

Let's Knit: Purl 4 Together - P4 Tog

Purl 4 Together – P4 Tog Putting purl stitches together is really easy. When putting 4 stitches together as 1 for purling, it’s known as Purl 4 Together. In abbreviations it’s known as P4 Tog. Instead purling with just one stitch, you will collect 4 stitches and purl them together as if they are one stitch. This converts 4 stitches into 1. Review the tutorial below if you need further assistance. Tutorial

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Let’s Knit: Knit 4 Together – K4 Tog + Tutorial

Knit 4 Together - K4 Tog + Tutorial

Knit 4 Together – K4 Tog + Tutorial Putting together 4 stitches using the knit stitch is referred to as Knit 4 Together. The abbreviation is called K4 Tog. Instead of knitting one stitch with the knit stitch, you are going to collect 4 stitches on the knitting needles and put with all 4 at the same time. This will convert 4 stitches to be only 1 by the time you are done. This is used in subtracting out stitches like a top of a hat and etc. Follow the…

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Let’s Knit: Knit Increase in Front and Back Loops – K Inc + Tutorial

Let's Knit: Knit Increase in Front and Back Loops - K Inc + Tutorial

Knit Increase in Front and Back Loops – K Inc Increase the stitch count in a knit stitch is called Knit Increase. In patterns it’s referred to as K Inc. This is the act of making 1 stitch into 2 before passing the stitch from one needle to other. In this stitch, you knit as normal but do not slide off the stitch from the needle. Rotate the needle around and go into the same stitch on the back side and knit as normal. Now you have 2 loops on…

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