Knit Mesh Yarn + Tutorial

Knit Mesh Yarn: Twist and Twirl Scarf

Knit Mesh Yarn Knitting with Mesh Yarn is really easy and is not an exact science. Part of using mesh yarn is your own desire for the final look on how to use the mesh. Part of using Mesh Yarn, you have to prepare the yarn in advance to be open as you knit with it. It’s really not a big deal as the final results are well worth the effort. Tutorial

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Knit Fun Fur Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Fun Fur Scarf

Knit Fun Fur Scarf Fun Fur or Eyelash Yarn is fun to knit with. The final look can be really interesting based on the type of yarn you choose. The example in the tutorial is Patons Moxie Yarn. To the feel, it really does feel like fur. The tutorial shows you how to get started. The stitches are nearly impossible to see so you just have to do the garter stitch to make this work. Tutorial

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Knit Stargazer Scarf + Tutorial

Star Gazer Knit Scarf

Knit Stargazer Scarf Stargazer Yarn by Estelle Yarns is a like a ruffle yarn where part of the strand is a section that is not to be knit that hangs loose. There is mesh-like structure to the strand where you use that section to knit with. There are yarns similar to this structure where you knit the same way. This is acts as a great foundation tutorial for using these type of yarns. Tutorial

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Knit Fabric Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Fabric Scarf

Knit Fabric Scarf Knitting with Fabric really has stunning end results. Usually with fabric yarn, the yarn is a solid strand that you knit with. One edge is fancy while the other edge has increment holes in the fabric that is used to knit with. The holes have to be able to fit the knitting needles. There is no gauge with the knitting needles as the holes in the fabric that dictate the gauge. It’s not something you can control as it’s part of the yarn itself. Tutorial

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