Knit Essential Stripes Blanket + Tutorial

Knit Essential Stripes Blanket
Knit Essential Stripes Blanket
Knit Essential Stripes Blanket

Knit Essential Stripes Blanket

The Knit Essential Stripes Blanket is a simplistic blanket of just the garter stitch back and forth. If you are new to knitting, this is a great starter project if you want to go beyond dishcloths.

There are 5 panels that make up this blanket. Together, they are sewn together to form the entire blanket. The pattern looks complicated but it’s really not. The pattern is long due to the colouring that is applied to it. Of course, you see striping, so this means there is more instruction to match exactly what you see.

For those new to knitting, the striping doesn’t mean you cast off each time there is a stripe happening. You carry up the yarn along the side. No casting off and on each time to get the look. Less time for fuss and more time for knitting.

If you need help to get started, how to carry yarn and more, the tutorial is below to help you.

Gray Matters Lookbook by YarnspirationsGray Matters Lookbook

Gray Matters is part of the Lookbook Collection by Yarnspirations. This project is featured as one of the projects inside this free lookbook.

This lookbook features the ideas revolving around the colour gray. Gray is one of the most bought colours by knitters and crocheters. It’s a colour that can be neutral in both home decor setting and for the recipient to receive.

For myself, I think gray is one of the most underestimated colours in yarn. People tend to gravitate towards many colours but eventually circle back to gray. Gray can be so many terrific shades.


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  1. Mary Ellerd

    I was thrilled to find a Mermaid Tail pattern fo Bernat Blanket. I had just purchased a pattern using Bernat Blanket only to find out the bottom wasn’t tapered where it joins the tail but folded instead. I prefer this pattern.

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