Knit Mighty Miter Pillow + Tutorial

Knit Mighty Miter Pillow Pattern
Knit Mighty Miter Pillow Pattern
Knit Mighty Miter Pillow Pattern

Knit Mighty Miter Pillow

The Knit Mighty Miter Pillow is a simplistic design consisting of knit miter squares. The pattern is using a miter to make each one of the squares involve. From the pillow face, you can see 4 squares sewn together at the cast-on seam.

The back side of the pillow is the same. To make this pillow, you need to make 8 miter squares and attach them together through whip stitching. Be sure to put in your pillow form into the pillow before closing. Seems like that is common sense but if you are having an ‘off day’, you may forget like I might do.

To help you do the miter, I have provided a tutorial below.

Gray Matters Lookbook by YarnspirationsGray Matters Lookbook

Gray Matters is part of the Lookbook Collection by Yarnspirations. This project is featured as one of the projects inside this free lookbook.

This lookbook features the ideas revolving around the colour gray. Gray is one of the most bought colours by knitters and crocheters. It’s a colour that can be neutral in both home decor setting and for the recipient to receive.

For myself, I think gray is one of the most underestimated colours in yarn. People tend to gravitate towards many colours but eventually circle back to gray. Gray can be so many terrific shades.


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