Let’s Knit: Seed Stitch + Tutorial

Let's Knit: Seed Stitch
Let's Knit: Seed Stitch
Let’s Knit: Seed Stitch

Seed Stitch

The seed stitch is like the garter or stockinette stitch. It’s a technical term and not a fancy stitch in knitting. It’s the act of knitting what appears to be the opposite of the row below.

To keep this stitch simple, you should do an odd number in your cast on. This way, you can start every row the same way.

You will start as follows:

  • Knit 1, Purl 1…. Keep repeating to the end.
  • Start the new row the exact same way.

It’s an easy technique and referred to as the Seed Stitch. Follow the tutorial for a demonstration.


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