Understanding the Knit Miter Squares + Calculator

Knit Mitered Squares

Knit Miter Squares + Calculator The act of Knit Miters is when you are creating a square where the stitches in the middle decreases to eliminate stitches out. This will create a square to form on your knitting needles and eventually finish off in the corner opposite. In the Knit Mitered Baby Blanket, as seen in the introduction picture, each square is a separate mitered square and has been sewn together as the end. This is simply every row as knit, which is technically the garter stitch. The trick to…

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Knit In A Wink Baby Blanket + Tutorial

Knit In A Wink Baby Blanket

Knit Baby Blanket Learn to knit the In A Wink Baby Blanket by Yarnspirations.com. This is just a simple garter stitch. It’s a great starter project for knitters to test their skills in knitting. The garter stitch is simply the knit stitch back and forth. There is nothing truly fancy about this pattern. The pattern suggests changing colours but you can make that choice that best suits your lifestyle. Tutorial

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