Let’s Knit: Knit Through Back Loop – K TBL + Tutorial

Let's Knit: Knit Through Back Loop - K TBL

Knit Through Back Loop – K TBL The act of knitting through the back loop is pretty simple. This is known in abbreviations as K TBL. Short form of Knit Through Back Loop. Instead of insert the needle from the underside of the look like the regular knit stitch. You have to insert the needle head on into the stitch and keep the needle on the back side. Follow through like regular knitting from that point. Follow the demonstration below for more helpful tips. Tutorial

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Let’s Knit: Purl Through Back Loop – P1 TBL + Tutorial

Purl Together in the Back Loop - P TBL

Purl Through¬†Back Loop – P TBL Purling through the back look sounds more complicated than it is. This motion causes the stitch to turn around. Instead of diving straight in to purl, you have to move the needle to around the back and come at the loop from the opposite direction. This method takes a bit of practice but isn’t hard to do. In patterns this is P TBL. TBL is short form for Through Back Loop. Follow the tutorial below. Tutorial

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