Knit Sassy Lace Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Sassy Lace Scarf

Knit Sassy Lace Scarf Knit with Sassy Lace by Red Heart. This is a lace flat material similar to fabric. It truly looks like lace where you use the established holes to use to knit with this yarn. It’s easy to use this yarn and it looks fabulous. It’s light and airy and really has a fine finished look when complete. Tutorial

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Knit Sassy Fabric Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Sassy Fabric Scarf

Sassy Fabric Scarf Knit with Sassy Fabric Yarn. This is a yarn that is a fabric flat panel. One edge is the finished look that you can see when wearing it. The other side has increments of holes in the fabric which is used to knit with this type of yarn. It’s fabulous to work with and knits up pretty quickly. You may enjoy this yarn like I do. Tutorial

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Knit Fabric Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Fabric Scarf

Knit Fabric Scarf Knitting with Fabric really has stunning end results. Usually with fabric yarn, the yarn is a solid strand that you knit with. One edge is fancy while the other edge has increment holes in the fabric that is used to knit with. The holes have to be able to fit the knitting needles. There is no gauge with the knitting needles as the holes in the fabric that dictate the gauge. It’s not something you can control as it’s part of the yarn itself. Tutorial

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