Knit Ombre Ridge Blanket + Tutorial

Knit Ombre Ridge Blanket Pattern

Knit Ombre Ridge Blanket The Knit Ombre Ridge Blanket is a fun little stitch that uses 3 strands of Caron One Pound Yarn at the same time. If you look carefully at the pattern, you will notice the yarn has a gradation of colour transfer. This is done through the 3 strands used in the project. So for the solid colours, there are 3 identical colour strands in play. As the project knits up, you will eliminate one strand with a different colour… this changes the colour slightly. The entire…

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Knit Mighty Miter Pillow + Tutorial

Knit Mighty Miter Pillow Pattern

Knit Mighty Miter Pillow The Knit Mighty Miter Pillow is a simplistic design consisting of knit miter squares. The pattern is using a miter to make each one of the squares involve. From the pillow face, you can see 4 squares sewn together at the cast-on seam. The back side of the pillow is the same. To make this pillow, you need to make 8 miter squares and attach them together through whip stitching. Be sure to put in your pillow form into the pillow before closing. Seems like that…

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Knit Essential Stripes Blanket + Tutorial

Knit Essential Stripes Blanket

Knit Essential Stripes Blanket The Knit Essential Stripes Blanket is a simplistic blanket of just the garter stitch back and forth. If you are new to knitting, this is a great starter project if you want to go beyond dishcloths. There are 5 panels that make up this blanket. Together, they are sewn together to form the entire blanket. The pattern looks complicated but it’s really not. The pattern is long due to the colouring that is applied to it. Of course, you see striping, so this means there is…

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