Knit Twilight Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Twilight Scarf

Knit Twilight Scarf Twilight Yarn is a mesh yarn. It has no definite areas to knit with. Mesh yarn is easy to knit with but you have to look at your mesh yarn and see what size needles will fit into the mesh to work it. The mesh determines the gauge of the scarf. Learn how to use the mesh yarn with this example of this yarn. Tutorial

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Knit Stargazer Scarf + Tutorial

Star Gazer Knit Scarf

Knit Stargazer Scarf Stargazer Yarn by Estelle Yarns is a like a ruffle yarn where part of the strand is a section that is not to be knit that hangs loose. There is mesh-like structure to the strand where you use that section to knit with. There are yarns similar to this structure where you knit the same way. This is acts as a great foundation tutorial for using these type of yarns. Tutorial

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