Arm Knitting Scarf + Tutorial

Arm Knitting Scarf

Arm Knitting Scarf Learn how to Arm Knit using Sashay Yarn by Red Heart. A lot of people think this yarn you can only conventional knit with Sashay. When it’s not opened as ruffle yarn, it is a thick ply of yarn. It can be used for arm knitting. Learn how to arm knit in the tutorial below. Tutorial

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Knit Sassy Lace Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Sassy Lace Scarf

Knit Sassy Lace Scarf Knit with Sassy Lace by Red Heart. This is a lace flat material similar to fabric. It truly looks like lace where you use the established holes to use to knit with this yarn. It’s easy to use this yarn and it looks fabulous. It’s light and airy and really has a fine finished look when complete. Tutorial

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Knit Sassy Fabric Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Sassy Fabric Scarf

Sassy Fabric Scarf Knit with Sassy Fabric Yarn. This is a yarn that is a fabric flat panel. One edge is the finished look that you can see when wearing it. The other side has increments of holes in the fabric which is used to knit with this type of yarn. It’s fabulous to work with and knits up pretty quickly. You may enjoy this yarn like I do. Tutorial

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Knit Truffle Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Truffle Yarn Scarf

Knit Truffle Yarn Scarf Knit with Bernat Truffles Yarn. It’s a structured mesh yarn that has extra that is seen when you wear it. This type of yarn provides a ruffle look and easy to knit with. The size of the structured mesh dictates the gauge of this type of project. The knitting needles used just need to fit into the mesh to knit with it. Tutorial

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Knit Twilight Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Twilight Scarf

Knit Twilight Scarf Twilight Yarn is a mesh yarn. It has no definite areas to knit with. Mesh yarn is easy to knit with but you have to look at your mesh yarn and see what size needles will fit into the mesh to work it. The mesh determines the gauge of the scarf. Learn how to use the mesh yarn with this example of this yarn. Tutorial

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Knit Sashay Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Sashay Scarf

Knit Sashay Yarn Scarf Red Heart Sashay Yarn is extremely popular ruffle yarn. It’s easy to work with and was heavy in trend. The ruffle yarn phenomenal response to this product created a whole new generation of knitters as it’s a great starting project to get the motion of the knitting needles. It takes extra effort to prepare the yarn minutes before you knit with it as you can see in the demonstration video on how to use it. Tutorial

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Knit Pom Pom Yarn Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Pom Pom Scarf

Knit Pom Pom Yarn Scarf Yarn strands with puffs that are attached to the yarn strand in equal spaced increments. This can appear as Pom Pom Yarn. You can see many different types of yarn like this. You can see how to prepare to get started and how to use it. Use the tutorial as it’s easier to see how it’s done than to explain it. Tutorial

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Knit Mesh Yarn + Tutorial

Knit Mesh Yarn: Twist and Twirl Scarf

Knit Mesh Yarn Knitting with Mesh Yarn is really easy and is not an exact science. Part of using mesh yarn is your own desire for the final look on how to use the mesh. Part of using Mesh Yarn, you have to prepare the yarn in advance to be open as you knit with it. It’s really not a big deal as the final results are well worth the effort. Tutorial

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Knit Fun Fur Scarf + Tutorial

Knit Fun Fur Scarf

Knit Fun Fur Scarf Fun Fur or Eyelash Yarn is fun to knit with. The final look can be really interesting based on the type of yarn you choose. The example in the tutorial is Patons Moxie Yarn. To the feel, it really does feel like fur. The tutorial shows you how to get started. The stitches are nearly impossible to see so you just have to do the garter stitch to make this work. Tutorial

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