Let’s Knit: Slip Slip Purl – SSP + Tutorial

Slip Slip Purl - SSP

Slip Slip Purl – SSP The act of Slip Slip Purl, known in abbreviations as SSP is about making two stitches into one. But it’s not about purling 2 together… well not exactly. The first two stitches are slip stitched knitwise individually onto the other needle. Then, brought back to the original needle. Notice in the tutorial on how it is done. Then, you purl the two stitches together. The act of doing the slip stitching allows you to turn the loops giving a more desirable look. Follow the tutorial…

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Let’s Knit: Slip, Slip, Knit – SSK + Tutorial

Slip, Slip, Knit - SSK

Slip, Slip, Knit – SSK The act of Slip Stitching in Knitwise is more than just moving the loops from one needle to another. You have to pretend you are going to knit but don’t actually do it. The first two slip stiches are done as Slip Knitwise. So you insert your needles in as if you were going to knit but don’t wrap the needle, just transfer one at a time to the other needle. This is helping to turn the stitch look around for the best look possible….

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Let’s Knit: Slip Stitch Knitwise – Sl K or Sl 1k + Tutorial

Let's Knit: Slip Stitch Knitwise - Sl K or SL 1K

Slip Stitch Knitwise – Sl K or Sl 1K Slip stitching in knitting is really quite straight forward. There are different slip stitches but if you see Slip Stitch Knitwise or SL K or even SL 1K, you have to slip stitch as if you are about to knit the stitch. Instead, you will not wrap the needle and just transfer the stitch from one needle to the other. This is done this way to keep the stitch loops looking uniform for the pattern. Watch the tutorial below for a…

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